October 5, 2023 | Allison Robertson

Inspired By Fighter Jets, The Jesko Absolut Is The World's Fastest Car

The Jesko Absolut Is The World's Fastest Car

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Swedish hypercar manufacturer, Koenigsegg, has always been synonymous with speed, innovation, and boundary-pushing designs. 

With the Jesko Absolut, they've aimed even higher, specifically designing it to break records and earn the title of the world's fastest production car. 

Every aspect of the Jesko Absolut has been meticulously engineered to achieve staggering speed, but it also boasts a design and features that uphold the luxurious legacy of the brand.

Aerodynamics & Design: Inspired By Fighter Jets

Koenigsegg JeskoWikimedia Commons

The Jesko Absolut's design is a clear departure from Koenigsegg's track-focused models, emphasizing streamlined efficiency.

The car's drag coefficient is a mere 0.278 Cd, achieved by eliminating the large active rear wing found on the standard Jesko and replacing it with two rear fins for stability. 

Its sleek and elongated shape, inspired by high-speed fighter jets, is both aesthetically pleasing and functional, ensuring minimal air resistance.


Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut Koenigsegg

Engine: At the heart of the Jesko Absolut lies Koenigsegg’s 5.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine featuring the world’s lightest V8 crankshaft that weighs just 12.5 kg

Horsepower: Producing an astonishing 1,600 horsepower (on E85 biofuel) and up to 1,500 Nm of torque.

Top Speed: Paired with a revolutionary 9-speed Light Speed Transmission, the Absolut is speculated to reach speeds of over 330 mph.


Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut Koenigsegg

While the Jesko Absolut's speed capabilities steal the show, the car's interior doesn't lag in delivering a luxurious experience. 

With a spacious cabin adorned with high-quality materials like leather, carbon fiber, and aluminum, passengers are ensconced in opulence. 



Koenigsegg Jesko AbsolutKoenigsegg

The digital instrument cluster and infotainment system are state-of-the-art, ensuring drivers have all necessary information and entertainment at their fingertips.

The Jesko Absolut is equipped with Autoskin electro-hydraulic operation of hoods and doors, which means all doors can be opened with the touch of a button. 

Another high-end addition to the Jesko Absolut is the "Bird’s eye" view parking assistance, which also includes front and rear parking sensors, and reversing camera.

Comparisons With Other Models

Koenigsegg Jesko AbsolutKoenigsegg

While the Jesko Absolut's primary focus is top speed, its sibling, the standard Jesko, is designed for track performance. 

The key differences lie in the aerodynamic features and the massive rear wing present in the standard Jesko, which provides downforce for cornering but also increases drag.


Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut Koenigsegg

Building on the legacy of the Jesko, which was priced at around $3 million, the Absolut edition, given its enhanced features and limited availability, comes with an even heftier price tag. 

While exact figures can vary based on customization and regional factors, potential buyers should be prepared for an investment that solidifies their status in the supercar elite.

 The Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut is more than just a hypercar; it's a statement of what's achievable when engineering and passion combine. 

While its potential top speed draws headlines, it remains a marvel of automotive design and luxury, embodying the essence of Koenigsegg's innovative spirit. 



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