November 2, 2023 | Allison Robertson

ATV Review: Honda Rubicon 520 DCT Deluxe

Review: Honda Fourtrax Foreman Rubicon 520 DCT Deluxe

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The Honda Fourtrax Foreman Rubicon 520 DCT Deluxe is a true workhorse and a joy for any ATV enthusiast. Renowned for its reliability, versatility, and cutting-edge technology, this ATV is designed to tackle a wide range of terrains and tasks.

In this comprehensive review, we'll dive deep into the details of the Rubicon 520 DCT Deluxe, covering its performance, features, and why it's a top choice for ATV enthusiasts.

Engine Power and Performance

Honda Rubicon DCT DeluxeHonda

The heart of the Rubicon 520 DCT Deluxe is its liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 518cc engine.

This powerplant delivers 43 horsepower and 33 lb-ft of torque, providing ample low-end grunt for tackling tough trails and towing heavy loads.

Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT)

Honda Rubicon Honda

One of the standout features of this ATV is the Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT). With both automatic and manual modes, it offers smooth, seamless shifts without the need for a clutch lever.

This technology enhances the overall riding experience, allowing riders to focus on the trail.

Independent Rear Suspension (IRS)

Honda Rubicon Honda

Equipped with independent rear suspension, the Rubicon 520 DCT Deluxe provides a comfortable and controlled ride over rough terrain.

It offers 7.3 inches of rear suspension travel, ensuring stability and improved handling.

Selectable 4WD and Differential Lock

Honda Rubicon Honda

This ATV boasts selectable 2WD and 4WD modes, allowing riders to adapt to changing trail conditions. Furthermore, it features a front differential lock for increased traction when the going gets tough.

Comfort and Convenience

Honda RubiconHonda

The Rubicon 520 DCT Deluxe is designed with rider comfort in mind. It features a plush, contoured seat, electric power steering (EPS), and a comfortable riding position for long days on the trail.

Cargo and Towing Capacity

Honda Rubicon Honda

With a sturdy front and rear rack, this ATV can carry a payload of up to 235 pounds on the front and 365 pounds on the rear. It also has a towing capacity of 1,322 pounds, making it a reliable work companion.

Innovative Technology

Honda Rubicon Honda

The Rubicon 520 DCT Deluxe comes equipped with a digital display that provides essential information at a glance.

It also features Honda's TraxLok system, allowing riders to switch between 2WD and 4WD with ease.

Final Thoughts

Honda Rubicon Honda

The Honda Fourtrax Foreman Rubicon 520 DCT Deluxe is a versatile and dependable ATV that excels in both work and play. With its powerful engine, advanced transmission, and comfortable design, it offers a top-notch riding experience for ATV enthusiasts.

Whether you're conquering challenging trails, working on your property, or simply exploring the outdoors, the Rubicon 520 DCT Deluxe is up to the task.

In summary, this ATV combines Honda's reputation for reliability with cutting-edge technology and impressive performance capabilities. It's a true contender for riders who demand the best from their all-terrain vehicles.


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