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The Deadliest Roads In America

The Deadliest Highways in America

deadly highways

America is home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes, but it also boasts roads that are notorious for their danger. From treacherous mountain passes to winding coastal routes, these roads pose significant challenges to drivers and have caused their share of tragic fatalities.

Keep reading as we delve into the top contenders for the title of the most dangerous roads in America, exploring the features that make them perilous, and the terrains that test even the most seasoned drivers.

Tail of the Dragon, US Route 129

Tail of the Dragon, US Route 129USA Today

Nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains, the Tail of the Dragon is a mesmerizing stretch of US Route 129 with a reputation for both beauty and danger. With 318 curves in just 11 miles, it's a favorite among motorcyclists seeking a thrill.

However, its narrow lanes and sharp turns make it a high-risk zone, contributing to numerous accidents each year. The steep elevation changes and lack of guardrails add to the challenge, making this road a test of skill for even the most experienced riders.

To traverse the Tail of the Dragon safely, it's essential to heed warning signs, maintain a safe speed, and stay focused. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles and be cautious of blind corners. If you're a thrill-seeker, save the adrenaline for a racetrack, as this winding road demands respect and attention to detail. Additionally, regularly checking the road's current conditions, especially in inclement weather, is essential to ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey.

Beartooth Highway, US Route 212

beartooth highwayWikipedia

Known for its stunning views of the Absaroka and Beartooth Mountains, Beartooth Highway on US Route 212 is a picturesque but perilous route. The highway climbs to over 10,000 feet, subjecting travelers to unpredictable weather conditions, including snow even in summer.

The steep ascents and descents, coupled with tight hairpin turns, make it a hazardous journey. Fatalities have occurred due to adverse weather, poor visibility, and the road's demanding nature, emphasizing the need for caution when navigating this breathtaking but challenging route.

To safely traverse the Beartooth Highway, travelers must prioritize preparedness. Carrying essential supplies, including extra clothing, food, and emergency equipment, is crucial given the unpredictable weather conditions. Additionally, monitoring weather forecasts and road conditions before embarking on this high-altitude adventure is a must. Travelers should maintain a conservative speed, avoid sudden maneuvers, and be vigilant for changing weather patterns to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey through the stunning landscapes of the Absaroka and Beartooth Mountains.

Million Dollar Highway, US Route 550

million dollar highwayTwo Worlds Treasures

Running through the rugged San Juan Mountains in Colorado, the Million Dollar Highway, part of US Route 550, is renowned for its breathtaking scenery and nerve-wracking challenges. The road features steep cliffs, narrow lanes, and sharp curves, demanding utmost concentration from drivers.

Its name is derived from the cost of building the road, but its reputation for danger is equally noteworthy. Despite the absence of guardrails in some sections, the Million Dollar Highway sees heavy traffic, contributing to accidents and fatalities. Navigating this route requires skill, awareness, and a deep respect for the unpredictable mountain terrain.

To safely experience the Million Dollar Highway, travelers should prioritize cautious driving habits. Reducing speed on the highway's treacherous stretches is essential for negotiating tight curves and steep ascents. Maintaining a safe following distance, especially on busy sections of the route, allows for better reaction time in case of unexpected situations. Furthermore, keeping an eye on weather conditions and preparing for rapidly changing mountain weather is vital to ensuring a secure and enjoyable journey along this awe-inspiring but challenging road.

Going-to-the-Sun Road, Glacier National Park

going-to-the-sun roadNational Park Service

While the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park is renowned for its stunning views, it presents unique challenges to drivers. Adverse weather conditions, including snow and ice, can make it a hazardous route even in summer.

The road's terrain features steep ascents and descents, winding through narrow sections of the park's rugged landscape. The absence of guardrails in certain sections adds an extra layer of risk, requiring drivers to exercise extreme caution, especially when navigating sharp turns with precipitous drop-offs.

Accidents on this iconic road have, unfortunately, led to fatalities in the past. To safely traverse the Going-to-the-Sun Road, drivers should be prepared for rapidly changing weather conditions, carry appropriate winter gear during colder months, and always adhere to posted speed limits. Staying alert, keeping a safe distance from the edge, and yielding to oncoming traffic in narrow sections are essential practices to ensure a safe journey along this breathtaking but challenging route.

Pacific Coast Highway, California State Route 1

pacific coast highwayVisit The USA

Stretching along the California coastline, the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) on State Route 1 is celebrated for its stunning ocean views and winding paths. However, its beauty is matched by its danger, with steep cliffs, tight turns, and occasional rockslides posing significant threats.

The narrow lanes and proximity to the ocean make some sections susceptible to weather-related hazards. Fatalities on the PCH often result from collisions and accidents, highlighting the need for defensive driving and adherence to safety guidelines.

Navigating this iconic highway requires a combination of skill, patience, and awareness of the unpredictable coastal environment. Drivers must exercise caution around blind corners, be prepared for sudden weather changes, and heed posted speed limits to ensure a safe journey along this breathtaking but challenging route.

Mount Washington Auto Road, New Hampshire

mount washington auto roadJamie Gemmit

Ascending to the summit of the Northeast's highest peak, Mount Washington Auto Road in New Hampshire offers a challenging drive with unparalleled views. The road's steep grade, unpredictable weather, and lack of guardrails make it a risky endeavor.

The "worst weather in the world" reputation of Mount Washington adds an element of unpredictability, with sudden changes in visibility and temperature. Fatalities on this road have occurred due to accidents, often exacerbated by the challenging conditions.

Safe traversal demands careful planning, suitable vehicle preparation, and a deep understanding of the unique challenges posed by Mount Washington. Visitors should ensure their vehicles are in top condition, exercise restraint in adverse weather, and be prepared for rapidly changing driving conditions to safely enjoy this awe-inspiring journey.

Cherohala Skyway, North Carolina and Tennessee

cherohala skywaySmoky Mountain Drives

Connecting the Great Smoky Mountains and the Cherokee National Forest, the Cherohala Skyway is a scenic but challenging route traversing the Appalachian Mountains. Its high elevations and sweeping curves make it a favorite for motorcycle enthusiasts, but the road's remote nature and limited access to emergency services contribute to its reputation as a dangerous route.

Accidents on the Cherohala Skyway often result from high speeds and the road's demanding layout. Safety measures, including helmet use and adherence to speed limits, are crucial when exploring this picturesque yet perilous highway. Travelers should also be prepared for rapidly changing weather conditions and exercise caution when navigating this remote and captivating landscape.

The Devil's Backbone, Texas Ranch Road 32

the devil's backboneTake My Trip

Running through the Texas Hill Country, Ranch Road 32, also known as the Devil's Backbone, offers scenic views and a thrilling drive. However, the road's narrow lanes, sharp turns, and steep drop-offs contribute to its reputation as a hazardous route.

Accidents on the Devil's Backbone are often the result of miscalculations on the challenging curves and twists. The lack of guardrails in some sections heightens the risks associated with this scenic drive. Navigating the Devil's Backbone requires a combination of skill, caution, and respect for the road's unpredictable nature. Drivers should maintain appropriate speeds, stay focused on the road ahead, and avoid distractions to ensure a safe and exhilarating journey through the Texas Hill Country.

Hana Highway, Hawaii Route 360

hana highwayMaui News

On the island of Maui, Hana Highway, part of Hawaii Route 360, is celebrated for its lush landscapes and cascading waterfalls. However, its narrow lanes, tight turns, and numerous one-lane bridges make it a challenging and potentially dangerous road. The road's popularity among tourists contributes to congestion, increasing the likelihood of accidents.

Inclement weather, common in the region, adds an extra layer of risk. Fatalities on Hana Highway often result from collisions and accidents, emphasizing the importance of defensive driving and patience when navigating this tropical but treacherous route. Drivers should exercise caution when approaching one-lane bridges, yield to oncoming traffic, and maintain safe speeds on this winding journey through Maui's natural wonders.

Dalton Highway, Alaska Route 11

dalton highwayWikipedia

Stretching over 400 miles from Fairbanks to the Arctic Ocean, Dalton Highway, part of Alaska Route 11, is a remote and challenging road infamous for its harsh conditions. The road passes through vast stretches of wilderness, with limited services and extreme weather, including snow and ice even in summer.

The lack of guardrails, wildlife crossings, and the presence of large trucks servicing the oil fields contribute to its dangers. Fatalities on Dalton Highway are often the result of accidents, compounded by the road's remote location.

Travelers on this unforgiving road must be well-prepared, with suitable vehicles and provisions for emergencies. Drivers should carry essential supplies, be mindful of wildlife crossings, and maintain a conservative speed to ensure a safe and successful journey through Alaska's wilderness.

Final Thoughts

Semi truck on a dark highway in forest at nightVitaliy Kaplin, Shutterstock

While these roads offer unparalleled beauty and a thrilling driving experience, their danger should not be underestimated. The unique challenges posed by each route demand careful planning, adherence to safety guidelines, and a deep respect for the unpredictable nature of the terrain. Whether navigating steep mountain passes or winding coastal roads, travelers must prioritize safety to mitigate the risks associated with these dangerous roads.


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