July 7, 2023 | Kaddy Gibson

Which Is Better For You And Your Family: A Minivan or an SUV?

If you’ve got a bustling family or haul around a lot of equipment, chances are you need a vehicle with a lot of leg room. So, what’ll it be: an SUV or a minivan? In today’s world, SUVs tend to reign supreme in the car market. They seem a lot cooler than the minivan, which has gained a reputation for being the ride of choice for suburban moms. But regardless of their cool factor, each one has pros and cons. Check out our quick comparison guide to find out which vehicle is best for you.

Does It Have Enough Cargo Space?

hondaodyssey2023 Honda Odyssey, Honda Press Room

If you are looking for lots of cargo space, a minivan might be your best bet. A minivan has lots of room behind the third row of seating, with low floors and spacious cavities to store cargo. There are five minivans on the market right now, and all of them have at least nine cubic meters (31 cubic feet) of space behind the seats. And with the seats down, that space increases to at least 25 cubic meters (81 cubic feet). That means that even with a car packed full of passengers, you’ll still have lots of room to fit all your groceries and important equipment.

Despite their brawny looks, SUVs don’t have all that much cargo room. Mid-sized SUVs have less than six cubic meters (20 cubic feet) of space behind the last row of seats. Only large SUVs have cargo space that comes close to what you’d get with a minivan, but even then, it only adds up to 12 cubic meters (40 cubic feet). So, if you need a lot of cargo room, it’s best to go with a minivan.

Will It Fit All Your Passengers?

Although the seating layout of SUVs and minivans look similar, there are a couple of important differences around how well passengers fit in the vehicle. The three rows of seating in a minivan offer at least 45 cubic meters (150 cubic feet) of space. And for taller passengers, the low flooring in a minivan tends to offer a bit more leg room than in an SUV. Yet, if you have to transport a lot of people, a large SUV might be better for you. You can change the seating layout in an SUV to add an additional seat in the middle of the first and second row. Overall, if you want a comfy ride for fewer people, a minivan is a good choice. But if the number of seats is more important than wiggle room, go with an SUV.

Can It Handle Towing?

If you do a lot of towing, then an SUV might be the better choice for you. The large, study frame of an SUV makes it more equipped to handle towing trailers and campers. While some minivans do have strong towing abilities, overall, they’re not as reliable as an SUV. It’s also easier to equip an SUV with all-wheel drive. So, if you have to haul things over rough terrain, the SUV is the better choice.

There are important differences between SUVs and minivans, so make the choice based on how well the vehicle can handle all your needs.

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