July 9, 2023 | Kaddy Gibson

Three Of The Best New Electric Motorcycles

The world has gotten a lot more eco friendly over the past few years, and electric vehicles are more popular than ever. Yet, while cars like Tesla and Prius have become household names, there has been little talk of electric motorcycles. Electric bikes are a fairly new addition to the auto market, and they’ve been slow to pick up speed with consumers. Admittedly, riding these bikes feels different than traditional gas-powered machines, mostly due to their automatic transmission and quieter engines. But electric motorcycles do beat the competition when it comes to speed, and they feature some pretty cool technological innovations. Here are three of the best new electric motorcycles.

Lightning LS-218

Lightning LS 218Lightning Motorcycles Press Room

If you’re into flashy sport bikes, then check out the LS-218. Going from zero to 60 mph in just two seconds and with a top speed of 218 mph, the Lightning LS-218 lives up to its name. More than that, it is the fastest motorcycle ever created. In addition to carbon-fiber parts, Brembo discs, and Ohlins forks, this bike features adjustable suspension, forged wheels, and three options for battery capacity. With the smallest battery, you get up to 100 miles of driving range, while the largest battery boosts that range to 180 miles. Regardless of which battery you go with, the LS-218 only needs 30 minutes to fully recharge.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire

Harley Davidson LivewireHarley-Davidson Press Room

People were surprised when Harley-Davidson took a break from gas-powered bikes and unveiled the electric LiveWire. The LiveWire is an innovative combination of classic Harley style and modern technology. Aside from its single-sided swingarm and lack of chrome trim, the looks of this electric motorcycle take after the company’s line of Sportsters. The LiveWire has stellar handling and seven riding modes that help it conquer a wide variety of terrains and riding conditions. It also features a Reflex Defensive Rider System, HD display, and pre-programmed road, sport, range, and rain modes. The LiveWire can go the distance with an average driving range of 150 miles and one-hour recharge time. It is also the fastest Harley-Davidson in the world and only takes three seconds to go from zero to 60.

Energica Experia

Energica ExperiaEnergica Press Room

If you’re into long rides and adventure-touring, check out the Experia. The Experia is a mid-size electric touring bike that has enough style and performance to match gas-powered favorites like the Triumph Tiger and Kawasaki Versys. With 15 riding modes and adjustable suspension, the Experia offers a more comfortable ride than most other electric motorcycles. It also has more battery capacity than any other electric bike with a top driving range of 261 miles in the city or a combined average range of 160 miles. Don’t worry if that doesn’t seem like enough for you—this bike only takes 45 minutes to fully charge. A commitment to quality is exemplified in the Experia and it features dual Brembo front discs, ABS, a tubular steel frame, and a multi-level traction control system. It also has a 5-inch TFT display, cruise control, and parking assistance technology. The capabilities of the Energica Experia easily pit it above other electric vehicles and many other gas-powered bikes. As such, the Experia is undoubtedly the best new electric motorcycle on the market.

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