July 31, 2023 | Allison Robertson

10 Ingenious Car Cleaning Hacks

Keeping your car clean might seem like an unending task, especially when you're juggling daily life, work, and kids. 

However, with the right hacks up your sleeve, it can be simpler than you think. 

From creative ways to manage trash to repurposing household items, here are 10 ingenious and cost-effective car cleaning hacks to keep your ride spotless and fresh. 

1. Olive Oil For Dashboard Shine

Car cleaning split imagesAdobe

Give your dashboard a shiny look by applying a little bit of olive oil. This natural solution is a cost-effective alternative to store-bought products.

2. Toothpaste For Headlight Cleaning

Person cleaning car headlightsChanakon, Adobe Stock

Apply a bit of toothpaste on a rag, scrub your headlights, and then rinse off. The mild abrasive can help clear up the haze on your headlights, improving visibility.

3. Baby Wipes For Window Cleaning

Cleaning Car Windshieldberdardbodo, Adobe Stock

Baby wipes can double as an effective tool for cleaning windows. They remove grime and leave a streak-free shine, and they're very affordable.

4. Lint Roller For Quick Upholstery Cleanups

Person using lint rollerNew Africa, Adobe Stock

A lint roller can quickly pick up dust, crumbs, and pet hair from your seats and other fabric surfaces in the car.

5. Silicone Or Rubber Gloves For Pet Hair

Blue rubber glovesm_____k___, Adobe Stock

If you have a pet, a pair of rubber gloves can help gather the hair on seats and floor mats. 

The static electricity generated when you rub the glove on the upholstery helps gather the pet hair.

6. Use A Paint Brush To Dust Air Vents

Cleaning car vents with brushzphoto83, Adobe Stock

An inexpensive paint brush or makeup brush can help you reach the dust in your air vents. You can also cover the brush bristles with a cloth if you need extra dusting power.

7. Baking Soda For Odor Removal

Man vacuuming carDusko, Adobe Stock

Sprinkle baking soda on your car seats and carpet, let it sit for a few hours or overnight, then vacuum. 

The baking soda absorbs unpleasant odors, leaving your car smelling fresh.

8. Laundry Detergent For Upholstery Cleaning

Person cleaning carHoda Bogdan, Adobe Stock

Mix a small amount of laundry detergent with warm water, and you've got a great cleaner for fabric upholstery.

9. Hair Conditioner for Shiny Exterior

Man Waxing CarREDPIXEL, Adobe Stock

 Wash your car with a hair conditioner containing lanolin. This substance will leave your car with a freshly-waxed look.

10. Coffee Can For Trash

Girl throwing a coffee can in trash canSandu, Adobe Stock

A plastic coffee can with a lid can be a convenient and compact option for a car trash can. 

A small plastic bucket with a bag and a lid can also be a great solution, especially for larger items or wet trash, as they can be easily cleaned and are durable. 

Remember, regular cleaning can keep your car in the best condition and extend the life of its interior. 

Try these tricks, and your vehicle will not only be cleaner, but also a healthier and more enjoyable place to be!


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