July 6, 2023 | Kaddy Gibson

The Five Greatest Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the UK and has achieved world renown for creating products that are attractive, innovative, and high-quality. They are also famous for the variety of motorcycles in their lineup, including the popular Tiger Explorer, Daytona 675, and classic Bonneville. The company has been very successful since its conception in 1902 but it did take a major hit in the late 1970s that left it bankrupt. Despite this, Triumph proved that is has staying power and continued to make great bikes after its rebirth in 1983. To celebrate their undeniable strength and endurance, check out five of the best Triumph motorcycles.

Triumph Tiger 100

Triumph Tiger 100Shutterstock

Introduced to the world in 1950, the Tiger 100 was an instant fan favorite. People were drawn to its stylish body and 498cc engine that generated 33 horsepower. The T100 was one of the first motorcycles to feature forged alloy pistons and telescopic front forks. Telescopic forks were an improvement on traditional suspension designs at the time and resulted in better handling and a more comfortable ride. The design of the T100 was more refined than the wartime motorcycles people were used to and in addition to paving the way for other great Triumph motorcycles, it changed the industry standards for how motorcycles were created.

Triumph Scrambler 900

Triumph Scrambler 900Shutterstock

The folks at Triumph have never been afraid to test out hairbrained ideas, like equipping a dirt bike with a powerful 900cc engine. Luckily for bikers, that experiment led to the creation of the Scrambler 900. Unveiled in 2006, the Scrambler 900 was made for off-road thrills. In addition to raised twin exhaust pipes, this bike had high ground clearance, wire wheels, and long travel suspension. This motorcycle was so impressive that it led Ducati and Norton to design their own versions in the form of the Scrambler and Atlas Ranger. Yet, despite the tough competition, the Triumph Scrambler 900 remained the most versatile and capable bike of its kind.

Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200

Triumph Tiger 1200 ExplorerTriumph Press Room

Released in 2012, the Tiger Explorer 1200 was designed to be the best adventure bike on the market. To that end, it was a success. The Tiger Explorer 1200 outperformed other adventure bikes due to a high ground clearance and long suspension that enabled it to conquer a wide range of terrains. And this bike was incredibly powerful. It had a 1,215cc engine that produced 141 horsepower and could hit a top speed of 137 mph. The Explorer 1200 was also equipped with dual front disc brakes, switchable ABS, a single-sided swingarm, and an LCD instrument cluster.

Triumph Speed Triple

Triumph Speed TripleShutterstock

True to its name, this motorcycle was built to appease the speed demons. Introduced to the world in 1994, the Speed Triple was the first motorcycle to feature the popular streetfighter design. Early models were equipped with 750cc and 885cc engines, but more recent versions feature a powerful 1,200cc engine. In addition to being fun to ride, the Speed Triple gained fame after being featured as Tom Cruise’s ride of choice in Mission Impossible 2.


Triumph Bonneville

Triumph BonnevilleShutterstock

It is impossible to talk about great Triumph motorcycles without mentioning the beloved Bonneville. This motorcycle has been the king of Triumph’s lineup since it was first unveiled in 1959. And while many models have been released over the years, the Bonneville has held fast to its classic style and minimal gadgetry. Standard models of the bike come equipped with a 900cc straight-twin engine that produces a top speed of 115 mph, while the larger Bonneville T120 has a liquid-cooled 1,200cc engine that can go an impressive 130 mph. The Bonneville lacks a lot of modern rider assist tech, like traction control, but it more than makes up for it with stellar overall performance. Few motorcycles are as iconic and timeless as the Bonneville, and it is indisputably one of Triumph’s greatest creations.


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