June 14, 2023 | Kaddy Gibson

Five Of The Greatest Video Game Cars

In addition to memorable characters, video games feature incredibly cool vehicles. But these cars aren't just for looks, and the protagonists in some of our favorite sagas wouldn’t get very far without a good set of wheels. For their critical role in the game and recognizable style, these are five of the best video game cars.

The M35 Mako

mass effect mako


If you’re exploring the nooks and crannies of the galaxy, then you need a sturdy and versatile vehicle. That's where the M35 Mako comes in. Featured in the acclaimed Mass Effect series, the Mako is a souped-up space rover that can handle any situation. With a mounted turret, giant wheels, mass accelerator cannon, and formidable armor, the Mako can withstand intense enemy fire and traverse the most extreme terrain.


It is the perfect car for the series’ indominable protagonist, Commander Shepherd.

The Warthog

halo warthog343 Industries


Fondly called the Warthog, the M12-FAV is the instantly recognizable tactical vehicle from Halo. This car is small but mighty. It tears through rough terrain as easily as it does enemies, and the mounted machine gun is perfect for taking out anyone left standing.


Zipping around in the Warthog is also super fun, so it is easy to see why this vehicle is so popular among gamers.

Mario’s Go-Kart

mario kartAmeriCantaro, Adobe Stock


This car may look simple, but it has been an icon in the gaming world for 30 years. Appearing in Mario Kart, the go-kart of the titular character is great for collecting power-ups and boosting speed during races. These races are known to get pretty intense and players around the world have used Mario’s go-kart to secure victory over their opponents. It may not be the coolest racecar out there, but this little go-kart is certainly among the most famous.



need for speed bmwNeed for Speed Wiki


 Need for Speed: Most Wanted is still one of the most popular racing games. A large part of that popularity is due to the lineup of cool cars that are featured in the game. Of those cool cars, the M3 GTR E46 is the most beloved. In real life, BMW only made 10 of these hotrods, so getting a chance to drive one in the game felt like a rare treat.


With sharp steering, wicked speed, and an appealing engine sound, the M3 GTR quickly became the favored ride of many gamers.

The Batmobile

arkham knight batmobile Game Informer


While there have been many different versions of the Batmobile over the years, the model in Batman: Arkham Knight is unforgettable. Reaching a top speed of 209 mph and decked out with impenetrable armor, large-caliber artillery, and an electroshock defense system, this Batmobile is the perfect crime-fighting tank.


It’s also easy on the eyes with a sleek, powerful design, and jet-black paint job. For being the most iconic version of a legendary vehicle, the Arkham Knight Batmobile takes the top spot on our list of the best video game cars.

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