Teens Are The Worst And These Stories Are Proof

What do you get when you take fake bravado hiding terrible insecurity and add in some raging hormones? A seriously annoying teenager, that's what. These Redditors came together to share stories from their own terrible teen years or about the awful adolescents they've met, and they're utterly jaw-dropping. 

1. The All-Seeing Pizza

Several years ago I was running pizzas for the Hut. We had a particularly nice house that I always seemed to get. It was a nice couple with three kids and a big house. They had money and always had large orders and tipped well.

One day, I get routed to their address but I notice the order is very different than normal. It’s about double what they order and the name on the order is not the father’s name.

Interesting, so I take the order to their house. The house is literally bumping. Mom and dad’s car is nowhere in sight. I get their oldest daughter, roughly 15, to answer the door.

Now mind you, I don’t care at all if the kids are having a good time, but she made an enemy of me that day. She proceeds to complain that I took forever in a condescending tone, make fun of my uniform, and stiff me on a $100+ order.

I didn’t say anything at the time, but I got my revenge. About two weeks later the house orders again. Normal order, normal name. And I magically get their order. When I arrive, her father is at the door and I can’t help myself. I ask him if they had a good time at the party. He’s clearly confused, so I remind him of the great party they had two weeks prior.

He sits and thinks for a minute. Then he hands me a freaking $50 tip and says, "Thank you very much, I’m sure we enjoyed the party a lot". After he closes the door, all I hear is him yell "Brooooookk get your butt down here right now".

It was a jerk move sure, but nah, be nice to your driver—and tip them.


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2. Loosen Things Up

I put laxatives in the school coffee urn (it was a small private school). I just happened to buy the most powerful OTC laxative available, and I used a lot. My favorite teacher drank a bit, had a severe allergic reaction, and had to be hospitalized.

I got suspended for two weeks and had to see a psychologist to make sure I was "mentally fit to return to school". It wasn't one of my better ideas.


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3. Must Be Hard Being You

My roommate is an application essay reader for a university's business school. He was just telling me about a kid who wrote his "overcoming hardship"

essay about how he wanted a boat because all of his friends had boats, and it was hard for him to be left out. Then he overcame his hardship when his parents bought a boat.


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4. I Saved His Life, And He Ruined Mine

My freshmen year roommate was a spoiled, rich kid. One night, halfway through the first semester, he got really inebriated at a house party and came back to our room.

I was playing video games with some buddies in our room when he came in and face-planted right in front of us. We stopped playing and took him to his bed, laid him on his side, and pointed his face towards the garbage.

We sat there for a little bit, and he started throwing up blood and dry heaving. I was really worried, then he took a turn for the worst. He turned a whitish green color. I went to get my RA to call the paramedics. While my roommate was being brought out, the medic said to me, "You did the right thing. You may have just saved his life". But that's not the crazy part. 

After getting his stomach pumped, the kid got mad at me because his parents found out. He broke some of my stuff and made my life a living nightmare.


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